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Tales beyond time and place

Tales beyond time and place: Eerie tales and stories by LONDON BEYOND TIME AND PLACE.

About Philipp Röttgers

Philipp Röttgers (M. A.), born in 1989, is a writer, musician and music journalist. He is drummer for PARIAHLORD. His first book “Two eras of Genesis?” was published in 2015. His second book “London and its genius loci – a journey beyond time and place” was published in 2019.

For Philipp, London is not just some city. London is a setting in various films, novels and poems. Not only that, it is a character which defines the works in which it appears.

Philipp wants to share the fascination and connection that he feels for the city. In fact, he had felt the fascination even before he was there for the first time. So being an experienced London traveller and writer, he defined his very own London. And he wants everyone of his guests to feel the same. If you experience this great city by walking and through literature, it opens up for you and allows you to write your own story.