Philipp Röttgers at ARD Studio, London (Photo: Katharina Röttgers)


News by and about Philipp Röttgers and LONDON BEYOND TIME AND PLACE.

  • Lesung im “The New Crown”
    Lesung: Philipp Röttgers & Dorothee Schröder: “Jack the Ripper – Die Whitechapel-Morde 1888: Eine Chronologie“ Wo? Im Pub “The New Crown Iserlohn“ Wann? Donnerstag, 31.08.2023 Einlass: 19:30 Uhr Beginn: 20 Uhr Begleitet uns in “den Abgrund”, die Straßen von Whitechapel!
    Apart from my own new German book “Jack the Ripper – Die Whitechapel-Morde 1888: Eine Chronologie”, I have been part of a wonderful book project called “A VANISHING WHITECHAPEL: REMNANTS OF 1888 (by members of the Jack the Ripper Photography Facebook group).“
  • Jack the Ripper – Die Whitechapel-Morde 1888: Eine Chronologie
    von Philipp Röttgers & Dorothee Schröder »Jack the Ripper« – das Buch über die Whitechapel-Morde in deutscher Sprache! Von den London-Experten Philipp Röttgers und Dorothee Schröder Mit 118 Abbildungen von Philipp Röttgers undDorothee Schröder VÖ: 04.06.2023 Buchformat: Taschenbuch ISBN: 9783757923297 Preis: 14,99€ 248 Seiten Herausgeber: tolino media Layout/Bildbearbeitung: Katharina Röttgers LONDON BEYOND TIME AND PLACE … Read more
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ locations and an essay in The Dickensian
    In the winter 2022 edition of The Dickensian (No. 518, Vol. 118, Part 3, ISSN 0012-2440), published by The Dickens Fellowship, you can find my review of Majestica’s album A Christmas Carol (Nuclear Blast, 2020).
  • Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper – Fakt vs. Fiktion in Deutsche Sherlock-Holmes-Gesellschaft | Ausgabe 47 – Winter 2022
    My essay “Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper – Fakt vs. Fiktion” is in the Baker Street Chronicle vol. 47, the magazine of the German Sherlock Holmes society.

About Philipp Röttgers

Philipp Röttgers (M. A.) was born in 1989. Philipp is an author, musician and writer. He is drummer for PARIAHLORD. Over the years he has played with different people in different groups. He played in big bands and cover bands. With his own bands he wrote and played prog rock, stoner rock and pop.

Philipp studied »English Literatures and Cultures« in Bonn, Germany. His first book about his favourite band Genesis was published in 2015.

As music journalist, Philipp writes for several music magazines like Intro and Festivalguide, BetreutesProggen, The Dutch Progressive Rock Page, Reflections of Darkness and more.

Philipp met and interviewed musicians and artists, among them Leland Sklar & Daryl Stuermer of Phil Collins, Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Mariusz Duda (Riverside), Blues Pills, Royal Republic, Spidergawd, Antilopen Gang, Schrottgrenze, Kreator, Leoniden, Die Sterne, Mighty Oaks and many more.

His second book “London and its genius loci: A journey beyond time and place” was published in 2019. Philipp feels deeply connected to London, more than to any other place in the world. He is an expert in the capital’s literature and culture. Philipp Röttgers offers talks with Londoners and walks and tales in and about London. Get in touch via mail for more information.

We appreciate all the support we get from my subscribers through sharing, comments and likes. If you’d like to further support Philipp, you can through PayPal.