Haunted London: Ghosts of LondonHaunted London: Ghosts of London

A Walk beyond Time and Place

London is the most haunted capital in the world. Given its history and legends, this claim seems to have a true ring to it. For centuries, ghosts have been seen or sensed in the city’s streets and in its buildings. They seem to occupy churches, pubs (of course), theatres and the Underground. Ghost hunters and urban explorers have tried to find them all over the capital. Ghost stories are part of every walk that I have written or that I have conducted. Are these legends only a result of London’s brutal and gruesome past, or is there more to it? No one can deny that walking London’s quarters at night can not only feel atmospheric, but sometimes rather dark and sinister. Have you ever had to walk through a dark alleyway and had the feeling that you heard footsteps behind and then you turned around and no one was there? It is easy to feel anxious, as if someone or something is nearby. Of course, I can give no guaranteed proof that you will encounter a ghost on this tour. But you might feel your neck skin crawl when you walk through the city’s dark alleyways and courtyards and perhaps, just perhaps, you might encounter a ghostly presence in one way or another…

This walk will of course take you through the oldest part of London, the wealthy City, and its labyrinthine passages that are tucked away between towering office blocks. There are places that have not changed in hundreds of years and these are the right locations to see a shadow quickly disappear into the darkness or to smell or hear something that cannot be there…or was there hundreds of years ago and left its mark in the walls and buildings, just like a song that has been recorded on tape and can be played over and over again.

Do you have a fear of the dark or are you ready to follow me into the darkness?

A self-guided walk

This self-guided Haunted London Walk comes as a downloadable guide book that includes photographs and maps.

The tour

Start: Liverpool Street Station

End: Bank Underground Station

Duration: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

The self-guided Haunted London Walk includes:

  • Haunted Underground Stations
  • A church, where a ghost was captured on a photograph
  • An ancient amphitheatre on the site of The City’s of London centre of power
  • Ancient alleyways and dark, sinister passages that you would never see as a tourist
  • The oldest part and most haunted part of the City of London
  • Traces of “Londinium”, of Roman London

If you have questions about the tour or want to get in touch with us, you can do it via the contact form (in the side bar) or here!

This is a “Walks beyond Time and Place” tour.

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