Secret London: The mysterious area of ClerkenwellSecret London: The mysterious area of Clerkenwell

A Walk beyond Time and Place

This walk leads you through the quirky area of Clerkenwell, one of the most mysterious parts of London. It has a rich history that you can still see if you know where to look. This walk provides you with the necessary information.

A self-guided walk through the mysterious and quirky area of Clerkenwell

If you look for the quarter that could rightly be labelled “Secret London”, then it is Clerkenwell. Enchanted, mysterious and radical – Clerkenwell provides a mixture of important historic events for London, as well as being an influence and setting for literary representations of the city.

Walk up the hill from Smithfield Market, follow the buried river Fleet and discover the place where you can actually hear and see it run underground, and visit “Little Hell”, formerly one of the worst slums in Victorian London.

Discover the secret and haunted area of Clerkenwell with the Self-Guided Walk by LONDON BEYOND TIME AND PLACE. It leads you to the medieval well of Clerkenwell, explains the historic remnants that surround you here and that you would otherwise miss like the medieval gate or a haunted monastery (that even has a connection to the world famous rock band Genesis). Of course, you will also meet some ghosts on the way…

You can also do the walk as a pub crawl.

This self-guided walk comes as a downloadable guide book that includes photographs and maps.

The tour

Start: Farringdon Underground Station (Cowcross Street exit)

End: Barbican Underground Station

Duration: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes

The self-guided Clerkenwell Walk includes:

  • A gateway from medieval London
  • A former monastery turned school that is said to be haunted and has a connection to one of the world’s greatest rock bands
  • The remains of the “well of Clerkenwell”
  • Locations that Charles Dickens used in “Oliver Twist”
  • A former infamous prison turned into one of one of the largest sorting offices in the world

If you have questions about the tour or want to get in touch with us, you can do it via the contact form (in the side bar) or here!

This is a “Walks beyond Time and Place” tour.

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