Mini Episode: Alicia Gerrard (“Ripper Street”)Mini Episode: Alicia Gerrard (“Ripper Street”)

Alicia Gerrard is an actress, known for “Interference” (2016), “Blight” (2015) and “Ripper Street” (2012).

Irish actress Alicia Gerrard played the character of Charity in “Ripper Street”* from series 2 onwards. It was her first TV appearance. In this (mini) episode of “Talks beyond time and place”, we chat about the show and its Ripper connection, her career and her roles in “Vikings”, “Close to Nothing at All” and “HEN”.




0:00 Introduction

0:43 What was shooting “Ripper Street” like?

11:40 About the short film “Close to Nothing at All”

17:54 About the short film “HEN”

20:20 What are you currently working on and where can we see you next?

24:06 Have you been familiar with the history behind “Ripper Street”?

Philipp is a real expert on ‘Jack the Ripper.’ While reading I thought ‘I need to put this book down’. It’s very dark, but it also gives an insight into the women’s lives and the living conditions in the East End in 1888. Also, it was a pleasure being interviewed by Philipp for his show.

Alicia Gerrard about my German book “Jack the Ripper – Die Whitechapel-Morde 1888: Eine Chronologie”


The Jack the Ripper Walk through Whitechapel’s “Ripper” streets by London beyond time and place


Philipp Röttgers is a writer, journalist and musician and in constant search for London’s spirit. This search for the city’s “spirit of place” has led him on a journey beyond time and place. Along his way he has published a book, several articles and essays, walked the city alone and as a tour guide, founded the company “London beyond time and place” and conversed with authors, musicians, tour guides, historians, curators, entertainers and time travellers who all feel a deep connection to the city and are inspired by it.

This has turned into a successful series of interviews called “Talks beyond time and place”, in which London’s spirit is looked upon from different perspectives which allow you to feel the spirit of London in all its variety. Philipp feels deeply connected to London and the power emanating from this place. Therefore, he is fascinated by meeting people to tell him their personal “London story”.

Philipp Röttgers Talks beyond time and place
Philipp Röttgers Talks beyond time and place

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