London beyond time and place London beyond time and place,Talks beyond time and place Episode 17: Susannah Wise – Actress and author (‘This Fragile Earth’, ‘Okay Then That’s Great’)

Episode 17: Susannah Wise – Actress and author (‘This Fragile Earth’, ‘Okay Then That’s Great’)Episode 17: Susannah Wise – Actress and author (‘This Fragile Earth’, ‘Okay Then That’s Great’)


Susannah Wise is an actor and writer who grew up in London and the Midlands.

A childhood spent outdoors inspired her love of nature and tree climbing. Susannah studied at the Faber Academy, graduating in September 2018. Her debut novel This Fragile Earth was released in 2021, and Okay Then That’s Great (2022) is her second novel. Both books have been longlisted for the Mslexia prize.

She lives in London with her partner and son.

Susannah and I met at the Kalender Café in Highgate to discuss her two novels, how she came to be a writer, her journey from having a first draft to publication, her writing routine and her upcoming projects as writer and actor.




0:00 Introduction / Kalender Café

1:30 How and when did you start writing?

3:24 Can you maybe sum up the idea for ‘This Fragile Earth’ for our viewers who have not (yet) read the novel?

6:15 Maybe you can tell us a bit about the way from the first draft to being published and what it was like to finally hold the novel in your hands?

12:48 Research and creating the world of ‘This Fragile Earth’ (and why music plays an important part of the world)

18:25 I imagine by the second novel, you were much more experienced as you had gone through the process once. How did you approach ‘Okay Then That’s Great’ and do you have a writing routine?

23:32 While ‘This Fragile Earth’ is more science fiction, ‘Okay Then That’s Great’ is something of a dark comedy. Can you sum up the plot a bit without giving away too much?

25:07 How much of your own biography can we find in both Signy and Marnie?

26:39 In both novels, London is important as the setting. This being an interview for LONDON BEYOND TIME AND PLACE, I would like to know what London means to you, having grown up between here and the Midlands?

32:27 When are both novels going to be turned into films or TV shows?

33:40 We talked mainly about your writing career today, but of course you have a fantastic career as an actress, both in theatre and television. What can we expect from you next as an actress?

37:18 What can we expect from you next as a writer?


Susannah Wise – Website

‘This Fragile Earth’

‘Okay Then That’s Great’

The interview was filmed by Katharina Röttgers and Dorothee Schröder

Brilliant book! Philipp and Dorothee reconstruct in detail what happened during the ‘autumn of terror’ of 1888. They not only focus on the facts and leave out the outlandish suspect theories, they also shine a light on the lives of the women who fell victim to the killer. Even though it is a non-fiction book, there is a lot of suspense.

Susannah Wise about my German book “Jack the Ripper – Die Whitechapel-Morde 1888: Eine Chronologie”

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Talks beyond time and place” is a series of online conversations by author Philipp Röttgers of “London beyond time and place“. Philipp and his guests chat about how London influences their lives. In every episode, they cover certain topics, depending on the individual guest. Among his guests are scholars, historians, tour guides and more and the atmosphere feels like a conversation in a pub.

Philipp Röttgers Talks beyond time and place
Philipp Röttgers Talks beyond time and place

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