London beyond time and place London beyond time and place,Talks beyond time and place Episode 11: Vanessa Woolf & George Hoyle | Topic: Storytelling

Episode 11: Vanessa Woolf & George Hoyle | Topic: StorytellingEpisode 11: Vanessa Woolf & George Hoyle | Topic: Storytelling


It is the first time that I have two guests in one episode of “Talks beyond time and place”! Vanessa Woolf and George Hoyle are professional London-based storytellers. Vanessa Woolf’s “London Dreamtime” is all about storytelling and much of it is inspired by the history and myth and folklore of London. She and her partner George Hoyle work together and separately on performances for children and adults and he is an extremely popular choice with schools, museums and festivals.

London Dreamtime & Cunning Folk

George Hoyle is also a musician, working under the name “Cunning Folk“. Cunning Folk writes, sings, plays guitars on & produces songs about magic & folklore. Cunning Folk leads seasonal rituals & runs the South East London Folklore Society, a monthly meeting with talks on a variety of weird subjects.




0:00:00​​​​ London beyond time and place Intro

0:01:05​ Introduction

0:04:53​ When did you start being professional storytellers?

0:07:10​ Can you give us a bit of an overview with whom you have you worked with already?

0:12:25​ What is the difference between telling stories at schools and for adults?

0:15:50​ What was the weirdest place you ever told a story at?

0:19:42​ The Brompton Cemetery Time Machine and working with Stephen Coates

0:23:17​ What was the scariest story ever?

0:26:05​ The Highgate Vampire tale

0:28:00​ What is so important about stories and storytelling?

0:31:27​ Which area has the best stories?

0:36:15​ I recently had a discussion with my guest Frank Molloy, who is a London tour guide and writer, about the question if words or objects have more durability. What do you think?

0:40:21​ About Cunning Folk

0:42:47​ Would you encourage others to do what you do?

0:43:35​ Has dealing with London and its history and its literature changed your view of the city?

0:52:53​ What are the next upcoming projects?

0:55:51​ Are there still topics or places you want to research?

1:00:55​ What is your favourite place in London?




Vanessa Woolf’s March – May 2021 event: Werewolves of London Full Moon Audio Walk

Cunning Folk on Eventbrite

George Hoyle on London Dreamtime

Stephen Coates piece on the Brompton Time Machine:

Enchanted Woolwich with Saira Niazi from Living London:

“Portals and Pathways”: The story of Hannah Courtoy’s Tomb on Mythos Podcast

Vanessa Woolf on Storytelling and London’s Folklore with Hazel from London Guided Walks:

Further reading

Into the London Fog: Eerie Tales from the Weird City (Tales of the Weird, Band 16)*


Talks beyond time and place” is a series of online conversations by author Philipp Röttgers of “London beyond time and place“. Philipp and his guests chat about how London influences their lives. In every episode, they cover certain topics, depending on the individual guest. Among his guests are scholars, historians, tour guides and more and the atmosphere feels like a conversation in a pub.

Music by Bryan Kolarczyk

Philipp Röttgers Talks beyond time and place
Philipp Röttgers Talks beyond time and place

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